Longford Morris


The coat of arms from Longford: Norfolk Pines. Permission was given for its use by Longford Council.


1979, for the Longford Folk Festival. Plenty Morris attended this festival, so Longford attended their workshop and based their kit on Plenty’s. Longford used to travel to Rutherglen, VIC; to dance with Plenty at Morris Brothers before they were sold.

Mixed set of Greenwood Morris Longford Morris and the Jolley Hatters
Mixed set of Greenwood Morris, Longford Morris and the Jolley Hatters

Current status

Folded, 31 June 2014 or 2015.


Longford, TAS


Border, Cotswold, Northwest.

Tradition details

Began with Cotswold (Bampton, Bledington, Lichfield, Bucknell, Eynsham, Fieldtown), then added Border and eventually Northwest (when KB moved from Brandragon).






Black, apple green, white.


The first kit was black felt hates, white shirts with a baldric of a black background and apple green ribbon. Black knickerbockers, long white socks and black shoes. Rosettes were in green, black and white. Hankies were apple green.

The second kit had straw hats for the summer and felt for winter. Long trousers, black for winter and white for summer. White skirts allowed in summer.

Hobby animal

Started with a hobby horse, made from black polytube with papier-mâché.

Dragon, rarely used, a hoop skirt with a tail.


Only if a spare person was available, normally played by the hobby animal.


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