My intention is to collect as much information as possible in parallel, so that each entry in the compendium has roughly the same information in it. For additions to specific sides, please leave a comment on the relevant page. For suggestions on new categories, please contact me.

Current categories

Logo: a written description and/or a high quality .png image

Founded: the year the side was founded

Current status:

  • Ongoing
  • Folded: the year the side was formally closed
  • Lapsed: the year of the last known dance out

Location: City, State

Tradition: Cotswold, Northwest, Rapper, Step Clog, Molly, Border, etc.

Tradition details: Bledington, Fieldtown, etc.

Gender: genders allowed in side. Men, women, all welcome.

Kit: a written description and/or high quality photos

Hobby animal: a written description and/or high quality photos

Fool: a written description of kit and accessories and/or high quality photos

Future categories

I am planning to add many more categories! Suggestions so far include:

  • squires, fores, bags
  • preceding side
  • succeeding sides
  • which organisations the side is a member of (Australian Morris Ring, etc)
  • sister sides
  • qualitative information