The Britannia Morris Men

Logo Unknown Founded 1979 Current status Ongoing Location Melbourne, VIC Tradition Cotswold, Kellybrook Stout Matron     Tradition details Unknown Gender Unknown Website Unknown Colours Unknown Kit Unknown Hobby animal Unknown Fool Unknown


Hedgemonkey Morris

Logo Unknown Founded 2000 Current status Ongoing Location Adelaide, SA Tradition Cotswold, New Trad (Hedgemonkey) Tradition details Ascott-under-Wychwood Gender Mixed Website Hedgemonkey Morris, Facebook Colours Purple, blue and magenta. Kit White colourless shirt, black jeans, white shoes, purple, blue and magenta armband ribbons, black bell pads. Hobby animal None Fool None


Logo Unknown Founded 1991 by Jolley Hatters members. Current status Folded 1995 or 2001 (?) Location Hobart, TAS Tradition Border, Cotswold Tradition details Unknown Gender Unknown Website Unknown Colours Purple and green Kit A straw hat. A green sash with a purple centre strip with rosettes and ribbons. Green trousers. Hobby animal Unknown Fool Unknown

Free Settlers

Logo Unknown Founded 1980, named for the free settlers in Western Australia (versus the convicts in the eastern states) Current status Folded, 1995 Location Perth, Western Australia Tradition Cotswold Tradition details Adderbury, Bampton, Ducklington Gender Mixed Website None Colours Green, white and black Kit Unknown Hobby animal Green baldrics, white shirt, black knickerbockers, white socks, … Continue reading Free Settlers